Reduce site visits and save costs with the ecoLog 1000

Groundwater measurements on site are time-consuming and cause easily avoidable costs. The same applies to maintenance visits to the device. When developing our new ecoLog 1000 groundwater data logger, Product Manager Peter Schaeffeler and his team had a clear goal: To make measurement, data transmission and maintenance as efficient, convenient, safe and cost-saving as possible.


Based on the experience of numerous customers in using the successful ecoLog 500, we have retained its proven measurement technology and robust construction but have further enhanced its communication capabilities. It now has a 4G/2G modem and a highly energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy Interface (BLE). Since the data logger also measures power consumption, the user knows in advance when a battery change becomes necessary. “Under normal conditions, the ecoLog 1000 can last for around ten years without battery replacement,” says Schaeffeler. Using a software tool, the user can calculate the service life of the 26 Ah battery specifically for the respective operating conditions.