When selecting a suitable pyranometer for photovoltaic (PV) monitoring, Solare Datensysteme GmbH selected the Lufft WS501-UMB All-in-one weather station.

According to the Company, the WS501-UMB Pyranometer delivers the most precise measurements for the overall irradiance and serves to measure the exact local prevailing overall irradiance at large plants.

Benefits of the WS501 All-in-One Sensor:

Calibrated high precision device to measure the irradiance at a plant.

Smart integration into Solar-Log web portal - thereby recording of the energy efficiency of a PV plant (direct comparison of PV plants with a pyranometer).

Measurement of weather data such as temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and air pressure. This provides information on the influence of weather conditions on the performance of a PV plant.

Another Company - Meteocontrol GmbH, also uses the compact weather stations WS501-UMB and WS600-UMB with their PV monitoring.

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